Deals On Clif Bar Products!

Clif Bar is a staple for many endurance athletes. Their wide product assortment features something great in almost every category: energy bars, recovery, hydration, quick energy, and enjoyable snacks. It makes it easy to find something great for your needs. For the next 14 days (ends March 21), all Clif products are 20-30% off, including their new organic oatmeal squeeze pack (banana maple is legit)!

Clif Bloks:

[product_grid id="479"] Clif Bloks are straight up delicious. When they were announced in 2005, there were very few “energy chews” on the market. Although you could stop by the convenience store for some gummy worms, Bloks upped the game by adding essential electrolytes to their gummies. They come in packages of 6 individual Bloks adding up to a total of 200 calories per sleeve.

Current Deal: 3 for $5.

Clif Bar:

[product_grid id="253"] Clif Bar is still the go-to energy bar for the great outdoors. Now offered in 20 flavors, including 3 exclusive seasonal flavors, the Clif Bar is best when it’s fresh. According to Clif Bar, the most popular flavor is White Chocolate Macadamia Nut. Here at The Feed, the verdict is still out…we love Pumpkin Pie Spice, Coconut Chocolate Chip, Cool Mint Chocolate, and Banana Bread.

Current Deal: 5 for $5.

Clif Bar Organic Energy Food:

[product_grid id="210782"] Clif Bar Organic Energy Food Sweet uses real food ingredients that provide clean energy, all in a convenient pouch that’s easy to carry and re-seal during workouts. They start with fruit purees with organic bananas and mangoes and pair them with other wholesome ingredients like beets, coconut cream, and ginger. Clif Bar Organic Energy Food can be used in shorter workouts between 45-90 minutes, or in combination with other products during workouts lasting longer than two hours.

Current Deal: 3 for $5.

Clif Bar Organic Energy Food Oatmeal:

[product_grid id="351653"] Clif Bar Organic Energy Food uses real food ingredients that provide clean energy, all in a convenient pouch that’s easy to carry and re-seal during workouts. They start with organic oatmeal and add delicious ingredients such as organic apples, organic bananas and organic maple syrup to create a real workout boost or post workout smile.

Current Deal: 2 for $4.

Clif Mojo Bar:

[product_grid id="9856"] Clif Mojo Bar is like taking your favorite trail mix and putting it neatly in your pocket. Clif describes the Mojo as a “Sweet and Salty Trail Mix Bar”, and that might be why it’s one of our favorites. Most Mojo bars have a higher protein to carb ratio compared to other energy bars, so it’s important to consider these bars long-term energy - they’ll sustain you over the course of 1.5-2 hours.

Current Deal: 5 for $5.

Clif Shot Recovery Mix:

[product_grid id="14357"] Clif Shot Recovery Mix is made from 70 percent organic ingredients and uses two types of high quality protein, combined with carbohydrates and sodium to maximize recovery immediately after activity. Each serving combines 10 grams of whey and casien protein to support muscle building and prevent muscle breakdown. Then it uses organic glucose to replenish glycogen stores and sodium, the most essential electrolyte, to rehydrate.

Current Deal: Bags for $19.99 each.

Clif Builder's Bar:

[product_grid id="9787"] Clif Builder's Bar is a protein powerhouse. With 20 grams of complete protein from Soy Protein Isolate these bars help you boost your protein metabolism and rebuild muscle fast. With the addition of 23 vitamins and minerals, they are a delicious way to get those extra nutrients you may be lacking. There are layers of crunch, nougat and a chocolate coating, which creates a pleasing texture and very filling bar. Great flavors, great ingredients without artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols or trans fats, Clif has delivered a classic recovery bar that passes our test.

Current Deal: 4 for $5.

Clif Shot Electrolyte Mix:

[product_grid id="14449"] Clif Shot Electrolyte Mix is light, crisp, and refreshing. That’s how we’d describe the Clif Shot Electrolyte Mix. They’ve taken the cues from other drinks and reduced the carbs and upped the electrolytes. Now the mix contain 4% carbs and all 5 essential electrolytes (the most being sodium – the most important one). We think this a great way to get a little caloric boost while keeping your cells swimming in electrolyte goodness.

Current Deal: Bags for $15 each.

Clif Shot:

[product_grid id="489"] Clif Shot Gel is the classic energy gel, scientifically formulated to get you quick energy when you need it most. Although you probably aren’t going to want to eat a gel for lunch, they can be an incredibly effective workout food. Gels are a critical part in active workout nutrition. What does that mean? It means, reach for gels when you’re doing higher intensity workouts. Provided that we’re properly hydrated, we like to choose gels that have some caffeine.

Current Deal: 5 for $5.

Clif Kit's Organic Bar:

[product_grid id="38996"] Clif Kit's Organic Bar is just that: totally organic. These bars are light and great for a snack. You can taste and see the whole-food ingredients in the bars, and each flavor is true to its name and won’t disappoint. These fruit and nut bars are also 100% organic, Gluten Free, Soy Free and Dairy Free.

Current Deal: 4 for $5.