The third week of the Open is here which means we are over the halfway mark- only two more workouts to go! We have seen a long endurance workout, a high-skill and heavy workout, and now we see a quick and light workout with a new movement- bar muscle ups. The Crossfit Open 16.3 is a 7 min AMRAP with two movements:  10 Snatches (75/55) 3 Bar Muscle Ups This is the shortest workout we have seen so far in Crossfit Open this year, so be ready to come out blazing at the start of this workout. Crossfit Open 16.3 is a workout where transitions will matter and poor transitions will eat up valuable time, so make sure you are conscious of rest time! Snatches: The snatch weight is light so the goal with these would be to remain unbroken. If you are not able to complete all the snatches a good goal would be two sets 5, with little rest between reps. You might be tempted to muscle snatch all the reps because of the lighter weight- but it would be smart to make sure some reps are power snatches. This is a very shoulder intensive workout and you will need good shoulder stamina for the bar MU. Doing power snatches will give the shoulders a small break, as they use the legs more to jump and drop underneath the bar. Try to keep a relaxed grip on the bar at the top of the snatch so that your grip doesn’t burn out too quickly.

16.3 is here! With 10 power snatches and 3 bar muscle-ups, weight may be light but it'll add up. Here's a quick video that will help you move through your snatches with good form.

Posted by The FeedX on Friday, March 11, 2016
Bar Muscle Ups: The bar MU is a new movement for the Open and a movement that many people might not have practiced before. If you have been working on your ring MU in anticipation for the Open don’t worry because some of the skills transfer over. If you have bar MU and are proficient on them, going unbroken on these should be your goal. Otherwise quick singles or a set of 2 and 1 should do the trick. If you haven’t gotten a bar MU then this workout is a great workout for you to get your first! If you are working to get your first MU, aim to pull your hips as high as you can to the bar during your kip and then to get on top of the bar (think of doing the fastest crunch or sit-up you have every done). If you want to wait to try this workout till Monday to work on some bar MU skill, then we highly recommend checking out Carl Paoli’s Bar Muscle Up Progression videos on Gymnastics WOD: Quick Tips:
  • Wear gymnastic grips
  • Alternate rounds of muscle snatch and power snatch
  • Be Quick transitions
This will be a very grip-intensive workout as well, so make sure you spend a good amount of time warming up the forearms and making sure they are ready for 7 minutes of grip work. Best of luck to everyone doing Crossfit Open 16.3 and hope to see people getting their first bar MU!