I love products that have a good ingredient list and taste good. In fact, there are so many products that fit this criteria, it's hard to choose what I like best! If I'm eating it, it usually means the product has very little added sugar, and has ingredients that I can immediately recognize as a regular old food. That's primarily what drives my selection of favorites, but I don't eat anything that doesn't taste good! Take a second to check out my favorite picks from The Feed, and if you're interested in purchasing these items as a bundle, click here.

Wild Zora Beef and Veggie Bars:

[product_grid id="167521"] It took me a little while to warm up to Wild Zora's bars, but I must say that they are some of the best tasting bars that we carry at The Feed. Zora's story makes sense: "We all deserve a healthy alternative to all the sugary, high carb snacks on the market. I believe we can be in control of our diet and energy levels, eat healthier, and be happier." I'm now addicted to Wild Zora's BBQ Hickory Tomato flavor and have been using the product as both an afternoon snack, or during low intensity longer workouts. Part of the process we're going through is trusting that we can fuel workouts without added sugar, so I'm relying on stuff like Wild Zora to get the job done.

Krave Jerky:

[product_grid id="171762"] Krave Jerky is really freaking good. Unfortunately for me, the second ingredient is Evaporated Cane Syrup. When I'm not reducing or eliminating sugar, I eat Krave as a healthy snack pretty requently, especially when I'm traveling. I don't like tough jerky, and that's why I like Krave so much. It's really tender. The most tender beef jerky that I've tried. My favorite flavor is chili lime.

Steve's Paleo Krunch Granola:

[product_grid id="137466"] Breakfast is tough on a sugar free diet, especially when you don't have time to cook the perfect omelet. I like to eat granola on the days when I don't have time to cook, and I've found Steve's Paleo Krunch to be a good alternative. My favorite flavor (and ingredient list) is Cinnamon: raw almonds, shredded coconut, raw pumpkin seeds, raw walnuts, raw pecans, raw sunflower seeds, coconut oil, honey, and cinnamon. When I don't have an early morning workout, I'll add 2/3-1 cup of Steve's Paleo Krunch to whole milk yogurt with blueberries. It is super quick, and tastes great.

Seven Sundays Original Toasted Muesli:

[product_grid id="161054"] These cups have saved me from skipping breakfast quite a few times! I like how easy they are to use with either hot or cold water / milk added, and they work great with added yogurt or fruit of your choice. A Fantastic ingredient list is pretty much why these cups are on the list, and you know I always read ingredient lists!

Munk Pack Oatmeal Pouch:

[product_grid id="203671"] We've had Munk Pack at The Feed for about a month now, these things are awesome! I know what you're thinking: oatmeal in a pouch is weird. And you'd be right. It is weird, but it's also great tasting, great ingredients, good water content, and 80 calories! Water content matters to you because this will be easier to digest and will require less water from your body than dry bars will during exercise. What this means is that you'll get real food nutrition in an easy to use pouch that won't pull water out of your muscles as much as other foods.

WB Kitchen Honey Nut Bars:

[product_grid id="67861"] There's a developing theme that I see with the products I'm loving...nuts, coconut, honey, seeds...and those are all fantastic ingredients if you make sure to keep calories in check. As I'm removing wasted sugar calories, I'm adding calories in fat, protein and veggies, but I'm not increasing my daily intake unless activity warrants it. WB Kitchen Bars taste great and can be a huge asset to you if you use them in moderation. 300+ calories in one bar is no joking matter, be sure to use these on days with high training volume or as a meal replacement.

Pocket Fuel 1.8 Ounce:

[product_grid id="56778"] Easy to eat nut butters are invaluable to me during long endurance workouts...and these things taste amazing. I especially like Pocket Fuels 1.8 ounce packs because they have a twist off cap which all but eliminates nut butter squirting everywhere while I'm trying to eat it! This product does have sugar, so I'm going without it for the next 90 days, however it is still highly recommended. This is a great product to use if you're working on training your body to metabolize more fat and less sugar.


[product_grid id="37914"] I really like sweet snacks. It's just a bad habit...3pm comes around and I'm wondering why it's not dinner yet, and immediately searching for chocolate or sugary candy. Barnana has helped me stop my cravings while still getting a sweet snack that tastes great. I'm not eating the peanut butter and chocolate flavors, but I love the coconut and original flavor. Although this product definitely bends the "no added sugar" rules a little bit, I think I'll rely on Barnana a lot this spring, especially before / during / after high intensity workouts.

Vega Pre-workout Energizer Sugar Free:

[product_grid id="39720"] For short intense workouts, I've been using Vega's Sugar Free Pre-workout Energizer for a small boost 15 minutes prior to my workout. Vega uses a blend of plant-based performance enhancing ingredients that give you energy and focus while combating fatigue and dehydration. Specifically they use caffeine from green tea and yerba mate to pump you up, and then provide slow steady energy from coconut oil and rhodiola. If you're thinking about trying a low sugar or no sugar diet, this is a great pre-workout product for you to try.

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration:

[product_grid id="9404"] Skratch Labs is absolutely the gold standard for hydration products. Using science and better ingredients, Skratch totally flipped the entire "hydration" marketplace. Now everyone is benefitting from these changes...you even see other brands raising the bar and trying to follow Skratch. At the end of the day, there are very similar products to Skratch (Osmo, Clif, Gu, etc)...but to me, Skratch just tastes better and that's why I use it.

Rodeo Trail Nugget:

[product_grid id="140990"] I'll never forget when Stephen from Rodeo Labs dropped off his first samples. I tried the Lemon Hot Date and it was love at first sight. As with every product I like, Rodeo Trail Nuggets have an impeccable ingredient list. However, so do LaraBars and others. I prefer Rodeo Trail Nuggets because they taste better, and they have a better texture...which is a big drawback with other fruit and date based bars. Lemon Hot Date does NOT have added sugar, so I use these frequently to fuel 1.5-3 hour workouts at medium intensity.

Clif Bar Organic Energy Food:

[product_grid id="210782"] This is good stuff. Really good stuff. I wrote a review about the product earlier this month, but the short story is that these pouches taste great, have fantastic ingredients and should replace any gels that you have in your pantry. I prefer the sweet flavors to the savory flavors, especially the Banana Mango with Coconut. It's super refreshing and easy to eat during workouts, or even before workouts.

Untapped Pure Maple Syrup:

[product_grid id="176195"] Late last year I wrote a "how to use" Untapped Maple after having used the product for 4-6 weeks. The same holds true today, although I will say that Untapped has worked pretty well for me as a recovery product. I frequently workout "fasted" on an empty stomach, and when that workout is intense, my body is craving some quick energy. If there was ever a time to eat pure sugar, that's probably it. With that said, I'm using Untapped pretty carefully and less than I otherwise would. It's an amazing product, but don't over do it, it's still pure sugar.

Fuel For Fire:

[product_grid id="140011"] I just started using Fuel For Fire packs, and I think they are notable because of their ingredient list. My favorite flavor is Banana Cocoa, which has: bananas, apples, whey protein, unsweetened dutch cocoa, ascorbic acid (Vit C), natural flavor, and citric acid. Sure, there are a couple ingredients there that aren't perfect (whey isolate and citric acid, but these taste great and give you a good option for protein on the go without sugar. I use them during long low intensity workouts, or after workouts when I don't have time to cook.

SFH Fuel Whey:

[product_grid id="107431"] SFH Fuel Whey is very similar to their Recovery Whey product, however it adds 4.5 grams of MCTs (coconut fat), and bumps protein in 1 serving up to 20 grams. I love to use this product as more of a meal replacement as opposed to a recovery product (like SFH Recovery Whey below). SFH Fuel in coconut flavor is amazingly good tasting, and with the added fat and protein this eats more like a meal, less like quick acting recovery.

SFH Recovery Whey:

[product_grid id="107366"] I wrote an in depth product review of SFH Recovery Whey a few months ago, and I continue to use it almost daily. SFH sources their whey from A2 grass fed beef and adds other essential amino acids to aid recovery. It also uses a multi-component mixture of vitamins and nutrients, including Co-Q10, ribose, and carnitine which boost energy and increase the body’s mitochondria productivity and help put energy back into muscle cells. This is a high quality product that you can benefit from when used a supplement to your regular diet.

Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate:

[product_grid id="196069"] Collagen Hydrolysate is a relatively new product for me. I've been using it as an addition to morning protein shakes for about two months now, and in general, I really like it. Prescribe Nutrition wrote a super informative blog post about Collagen, which is absolutely worth the read if you haven't already. The reality is that I have no clue if this stuff works, or if I think it works. Your mind is half the battle to becoming a better athlete, so frankly I don't care if it actually works...I feel better when I use it and that's plenty for me to keep using it!