Breeze Bars are different. In addition to being gluten free they have a unique feature that distinguishes them from other bars on the market: they're hand pressed rather than extruded. Hand Pressed vs Extruded: The majority of bars on the market are extruded. Extrusion is the process of shaping by forcing through a die (think of a play dough machine).   The upside to this type of production is that you can produce A LOT of bars in a small amount of time and the extruder takes up a minimal amount of space.  The downside however, is that the final product lacks texture, typically has a slightly altered taste and any natural oils and moisture are often pushed out in the process. Why should you care? When you eat a bar that has been extruded it often requires quite a bit of water to counteract the dense concentration of material that has been molded together into a perfect shape.  While the ingredients themselves can be good, products produced by extrusion can sit heavy in the stomach making it harder to digest especially before or during a workout. Breeze Bars are NOT extruded and are rather rolled into custom frames.  This production process maintains the integrity of the individual ingredients, preserves the natural oils found in the nuts and seeds, allows for a lighter product that is easy to digest. Plus it saves you from having to chug your water, keeping you better hydrated. While there are many great products out there that are extruded, there is a time and place for everything.  Breeze Bars not only provide a great tasting product but one that sits well in the stomach, doesn't require a lot of extra hydration to digest all while providing the great fuel for your workout. We love them. Questions? Want Breeze Bars in your next Feed? Log on or email us: