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With the Olympics starting August 5th in Rio, it seemed appropriate that we feature Barnana, our favorite Brazilian product this week. While we usually don't advocate dehydration, when it comes to dehydrated bananas, we're the biggest fans. Brazilian architect, Joao Suplicy, accidentally stumbled upon the idea to dehydrate foods while working on a construction site. The result was raw, organic, and dehydrated bananas that lasted for months and tasted delicious. When his son, Caue, decided to pursue professional triathlons in California, he brought his dad's recipe with him. Gaining in popularity, Barnana was created and has been revolutionizing the cycling world since. [product_grid id="37914"] Suggested Use: Barnana bags can be conveniently carried in a bike jersey or a shorts pocket on a run. They can be used before, during, and after any exercise (we only recommend eating 2-3 pieces at once to keep your stomach in check). They also are a great snack during the day! What's in them? Each large package contains 2.5 servings with 110 calories per serving, 0g fat, 800mg potassium, 26g carbohydrate and 2g protein. They are 100% wheat-free, vegan, raw, and are packed with other nutrients. Pro Tip: The Feed’s Favorite is coconut paired with a hot cup of joe (yep, you heard that right...coffee + bananas = amazing).