What: Bonk Breaker Bars Suggested use: Consume 1 bar per hour, starting after 45 minutes, during endurance workouts lasting longer than 2 hours. Consume with 12-15 ounces of water. Benefits: Real food ingredients to support digestion without GI distress. Balanced nutrition profile with a mix of carbs, fats and protein. Today's Tour de France stage from Seraing to Cambrai will be the longest of the Tour at 224km. Featuring 6 cobblestone sections that begin at 177kms, the riders will need to plan their nutrition carefully. Here's what we recommend: 1. At 224km riders simply cannot fuel the distance on sugary stuff alone. They'll need balanced nutrition throughout the morning and early parts of the stage. Choosing a real food bar that has some carbs, fat and protein is a great idea. Make sure the stuff you eat during long days is easy to digest and that you've tested them in training. 2. Hydrate consistently. The weather in Northern France is either going to be extremely hot and dry, or cold and rainy. It's just the way it works when the Tour hits the cobbles. Remember that hydration is a key to performance during extended endurance events, regardless of the temperature. 3. The 6 sections of cobbled roads all happen within about 30km, and start after 177.5km raced. The riders will need to plan ahead and do what they can to have their energy stores topped off well in advance. Racing on cobbled roads are anaerobic intervals of 2-3 minutes in duration, followed by short sections on regular pavement where riders might recover. They'll need to time their nutrition accordingly and don't want a full stomach when they hit the first section.

Bonk Breaker Bars:

[product_grid id="9211"] Bonk Breaker Bars are a staff and customer favorite here at The Feed. In fact, the Peanut Butter & Banana flavor was our 2nd best selling product in 2014. Gluten free, dairy free, and well balanced from a nutritional standpoint, Bonk Breakers are a great option for endurance athletes looking to fuel with solid foods. Looking at the nutrition label, you’ll find 12 grams of fat, 35 grams of carbohydrate and 8 grams of protein. Choosing a bar with well balanced nutrition has a few benefits, but the primary goal is to consume foods that are digested like real food and doesn’t quickly bypass your stomach only to overwhelm your small intestine. This is typically where an athlete’s GI distress comes from - too many carbohydrates consumed too quickly. Bonk Breaker is also the official nutrition bar of Cannondale-Garmin Pro Cycling. Team soigneur Alyssa Morihan mentions that “any bar that can offer "real food" is a bonus. Real food ingredients are always easier to incorporate in rider's diets and are easier on digestion, making their recovery more productive.” We recommend that athletes eat 1 Bonk Breaker per hour during exercise lasting longer than 2 hours. It’s also important to chew the product thoroughly and consume with adequate fluids to aid digestion. We recommend drinking 8-10 ounces, or about ½ of a water bottle when eating solid foods like a Bonk Breaker Bar. Although our favorite flavor is Peanut Butter and Banana, Bonk Breaker recently released a Salted Caramel flavor, a great option if you have a sweet tooth! Pictured below: Bonk Breaker C0-founder Chris Frank riding the cobbles this spring!  Unknown