In case you haven't had the opportunity to chew on an energy bar blessed by a shaman, I'm happy to report that the Thunderbird Energetica bars are all blessed by shamans (we're not clear if there is a single shaman that blesses all the bars are multiple shaman, or if each flavor bar has it's own shaman, but we'll find out). Plus, if shaman-blessed doesn't entirely  provide an immediate benefit to you, these bars are also very very good. According to the wrapper Thunderbird bars are also: All Natural, Raw, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan, Low Glycemic, Handmade, Non-GMO, with no added sugars. In the world of energy bars, it's really nice to switch it up from the norm and eat something that is light, raw and refreshing. The full ingredient list is: Organic Apricots, Organic Cashews, Cashew Butter, Organic Quinoa, Lemon Extract, Lemon Zest, and Himalayan Sea Salt.


That all sounds great, but these bars also taste great. Since they are raw and made with apricots, the apricot flavor is a part of their flavor profile. We find it to be a subtle influence, and flavors like Sweet Lemon Rain Dance are very unique and super fun to try. Sweet Lemon Rain Dance literally seems like it's raining lemons in your mouth. Very fresh, and clean flavors. Although these bars have very few ingredients, they will require some water to aid digestion during workouts. We would recommend trying these out during a long workout, but we'd put these more into the smart snack category over performance food. The current  favorite flavor at The Feed is Sweet Lemon Rain Dance with Cherry Walnut Crunch a close second. To add Thunderbird Energetica bars to your Feed, click HERE.