Dad's are awesome. For starters, they're half the reason you exist. That's a pretty big deal. So if you're struggling to find your dad the perfect gift, we have some suggestions. Here are some suggestions to hep you build your perfect Father's Day Feed (or you can always get him a gift certificate). 1. Dick Stevens Jerky and The New Primal Jerky: Nothing says, "Dad, I love you." like dried meat. That's a fact. But nothing says, "I love you so much that not only do I want to give you dried meat, but I want to add goji berries and nuts because of their essential nutrients." like Dick Stevens Jerky and The New Primal Jerky. This stuff is great, and it's perfect for an on-the-go Dad. Dick Stevens Original Blend TurkeyThe New Primal Jerky Spicy 2. Nuun Iced Tea & Nuun Lemonade: Hydration is important. As the summer begins to heat up give your dad the ultimate refreshing way to hydrate. We like to take half of each tablet and create an Arnold Palmer elixir. Your Dad probably will too. 644x386-140322-Krughoff-0168-300x300 644x386-140322-Krughoff-0170-300x300 3. Enduro Bites: This is like pure fig luxury. Figs are really good for your dad (read about that here). And these figs are full of dark chocolate (also good for you)... And well, these bars are just the best thing ever, and your dad deserves the best. 140210-Krughoff-7268-copy-300x300 4. Beet Elite: Beets have nitrates. Beets make you fast. A fast dad is a healthy dad. Do we really nee dot say more? 140210-Krughoff-7265-300x300 5. Skratch Exercise Hydration: Hands down one of the best hydration around, and the best for when your'e crushing it in a workout. LLX_Bag_532 6. Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator: Dad's who go the distance and really push themselves need a product that will heal them up so they can go at it all over again. We love this one because it's light, mixes well, taste well, and uses plant-based protein. 131018-Krughoff-4968-300x300 7. SFH Pure: If you're dad is more of the muscle crunching guy, we love SFH's whey. It's totally antibiotic free, and comes from the best cows in the world. Happy cows make happy whey! SFH Pure Whey Vanilla 8. Justin's Candy Bar: Your dad deserves a treat, and Justin's Candy Bars are the perfect food to enjoy with a perfect cup of coffee. We like the dark chocolate ones, but hey, maybe your dad is a milk chocolate guy, and that's okay too. 131031-Krughoff-5312-300x300 9. Chapul Bar: If you're dad is a daredevil, then dare him to eat this. This bar derives it's protein from crickets. Pretty cool, and what Dad wouldn't want crickets for Father's Day. (The bar tastes really good) Chapul Dark Chocolate Coffee Cayenne 10. Purely Elizabeth Pancake Mix: This one is for you. Make your dad pancakes! Surprise him like he used to surprise you. It will totally score you "favorite child." purely_elizabeth600X600-300x300   Want to shop our whole selection? Do that, here. Or if you're overwhelmed and want to let Dad decide, try a gift card!