With over 100 brands and 500 products available at The Feed, it can be difficult to find the right products for your needs - especially as needs and tastes change over time. It's also hard to keep up with trends in the sports nutrition world. With these factors in mind, we looked across our entire product selection and decided to pick out some of our favorite "underdogs". These product categories are often overlooked but provide meaningful value and health benefits to those who use them. We know because several of us rely on these regularly! [product_grid id="342381"] Natural Vitality Natural Calm is the best-selling magnesium supplement on the market for over nine years in a row. This product acts to combat stress, anxiety, cramps, and poor sleep...all things that impact your overall well-being and athletic performance. It features a proprietary formula that provides a highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form, so it is ready to go to work right away. Several of us love using this product before bed. Here's an article outlining the benefits of magnesium.       [product_grid id="341947"] Your immune system faces daily assaults from a variety of sources. As an athlete, staying healthy is an essential component to daily training and top performance at key events. WishGarden's Daily Immune is designed to promote your body's natural resistance with restorative herbs. Astragalus Root stimulates the immune system and has antioxidant effects that inhibit free radical formation. We recommend taking Wish Garden Herbs Daily Immune as directed by WishGarden, 2-3 droppers full in water for taste, 1-3 times a day as a tonic.       [product_grid id="103043"] BeetElite is all-natural, vegan and contains only four ingredients. Beets are gaining popularity as a superfood—one that promotes natural energy and exercise endurance. With one serving of these concentrated beet crystals delivering the Nitric Oxide-activating benefits of six whole beets, BeetElite is designed to work in just 30 minutes for natural endurance and stamina.           [product_grid id="196069"] Great Lakes Gellatin Collagen is a pure form of collagen, the most abundant protein in the human body. We naturally produce it, as well as ingest it through various food sources. It is a key component of connective tissue, bones, and skin. Adding this supplement to your diet (via coffee, smoothies, etc) has many added benefits, including strong healthy bones, improving digestion, combating wrinkles, reducing joint pain and inflammation, and supporting and balancing hormones.         [product_grid id="166045"] SFH Push is a pre-workout product that can help stimulate drive and focus so that you can get the most out of your workouts. SFH Push is loaded with ingredients that each serve a specific purpose. Caffeine is added to give you an immediate boost, quercetin to combat inflammation and enhance performance, glycine to prevents fatigue and break down fat, as well as arginine to increase blood flow and oxygenation. SFH Push also adds BCAA’s to promote muscle growth, along with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes. Mix up some SFH Push before your next workout!