As the temperatures get cooler farms are ripe with fall fare. Here are some rich immune boosting crops to add to your menu and ease recovery. We've included some savory recipes to help get your started: Beets: The magical food. Studies have shown the nitrates in beets reduces the amount of oxygen needed to fuel workouts. So start juicing, sautéing and roasting those beets. A great combination is beets, sweet potatoes and rosemary. Recipe: Summer Into Fall Beet Salad Apples: September is the best time of year for most apple varieties. The sugars in apples are absorbed slowly which gives blood sugar the perfect boost without the horrific crash. As a post workout snack, pair an apple with Justin's Maple Almond Nut Butter, or whip a a fall soup. Recipe: Apple & Bacon Stuffed Sweet Potato Fennel: Rich is potassium and manganese, fennel helps aid digestion, combats nausea and inhibits acid reflux. It keeps your bones strong, which is great for cyclists. Slice it up raw and top a salad, sauté it with beets and leeks or add your favorite protein. Recipe: Green bean and Fennel Salad with Pecans Pumpkin: Rich in vitamin A and carotenes, pumpkin's seeds are packed with fiber and high in protein. Roast them for a post-workout snack, or sprinkle toasted seeds over salads. Recipe: 12 Things To Do with Pumpkin Seeds   Cranberries: Don't wait until Thanksgiving to dive into cranberries. They go perfect in smoothies, atop salads, in sauces and baked into tarts. These berries have the second highest amount of antioxidants (number one being blueberries), and fight inflammation like nothing else. Recipe: Asian Roasted Brussels with Cranberries  Questions? Need recipe advice? E-mail us at