Energy bar fatigue is a real thing. We know it too well, it is that feeling when you "just can't eat another bar". This is one of the primary reasons that we wake up every day and try to find the next awesome thing that you NEED to try! Here is a selection of 5 bars that we highly recommend if you haven't tried them already: Add all 5 of these great energy bars as a bundle by clicking here!

1. Simple Squares:

[product_grid id="83714"] Simple Squares are short on ingredients and big on flavor. Couple that with unique flavor combinations and these bars make a truly awesome snack. Our favorite flavors? Coconut and Cinna-clove. Rosemary if you're feeling adventurous!

2. Earnest Eats Whole Food Bar:

[product_grid id="102478"] Every bar is packed with whole nuts, fruits and grains, along with rich roasted almond butter to hold them all together. Earnest Eats also bakes them in small batches, allowing them to control the texture and keep them soft and cookie like. Our favorite flavor? Almond Trail a long shot. Apple Ginger is great as well!

3. ProBar Bite:

[product_grid id="165794"] If you’ve tried the ProBar Meal bar, it’s almost a guarantee that you love it. Since the larger Meal Bar packs 390 calories and is great for long distance trekking, but not so great for snacking, ProBar decided to scale down the size and create the same delicious bar in a more manageable size. About half the size and half the calories, now you can enjoy the original ProBar any time. Our favorite flavor? Chocolate Coconut.

4. Rodeo Trail Nugget:

[product_grid id="140990"] We have a minor addiction to these bars, and it's not just because they taste great. They also work. We also love the guy who makes them, Stephen Fitzgerald. Stephen has a penchant for doing stuff that most other people won't do...big or small. When you're on the usual 2 hour loop, Stephen is probably riding his CX bike up and down the mountains near Denver linking up connectors on the road, dirt and trail. This is what lead to the Rodeo Trail Nugget, and you need to try them to believe it. Our favorite? Lemon Hot Date.

5. Bonk Breaker Bars:

[product_grid id="9211"] You might be a little bit surprised to see Bonk Breaker Bars on this list. They are by far the most well known bars in this post, but we're continually surprised at how many Feed customers haven't tried them. Although you probably don't want to eat one of these for lunch, Bonk Breaker Bars are a great whole food option to use during workouts. With an awesome ingredient list and good flavor profiles, Bonk Breaker Bars are a great addition to your workout food staples. Our favorite flavor? Peanut Butter and Banana. Add all 5 of these great energy bars as a bundle by clicking here! You can also view our complete selection of 70 bars by clicking here!