Stage 10 on Tuesday July 12th begins with an immediate climb to Port d'Envalira. The remainder of the ride will be punchy climbs and not short on opportunities for attacks. For a ride of this profile, Honey Stinger's selection fills the energy voids that may come up. Honey Stinger has a long history of making great tasting products with awesome ingredients. Most people remember the first time they got their hands on an original Honey Stinger waffle! In this year's Tour de France Feed Box, we've included two of our favorite Stinger products: the Organic Gel and the NEW Gluten-free Waffle. Honey Stinger Gluten Free Waffle: [product_grid id="350583"] Suggested UseAnytime sweet treat or during endurance workouts longer than 90 minutes. Benefits: Delicious wild honey sandwiched between two thin, crispy waffle wafers is the perfect treat for you! Great tasting, gluten-free, certified USDA organic, energy foods that are are convenient at any point during your day, whether it’s just a tasty snack or mid-workout fuel. The organic cinnamon, maple, salted caramel flavors will brighten your day up! Kelly Magelky, pro mountain biker, loves these waffles: “File this under ‘dessert on the bike’. I love looking forward to eating these. Waffles do a few things for me in a longer race… They give me a treat to look forward to, which can help take your mind off of suffering for a few seconds. They also just taste good and have a different consistency - and sometimes you need that.” Honey Stinger Organic Gel: [product_grid id="9263"] Suggested Use: Consume 15 minutes prior to short 20-30 minute efforts, or 1 per hour during activity lasting longer than 90 minutes. Always follow with water. BenefitsHoney Stinger Gel’s are full of great ingredients like organic tapioca syrup and organic honey. Honey Stinger knows that when you're riding, your stomach doesn’t always agree with what you’re eating.   So, they designed these gels to contain two easily digestible sources of sugar even on a sensitive stomach. The flavor selection includes caffeinated and non-caffeinated options!     Honey Stinger gels and gluten free waffles are currently featured in our 2016 Tour De France Box, a mix of our favorite products, available for $39.99. Additionally, all Honey Stinger products are 20% off for the next 4 days! Visit our Honey Stinger Shop!