Every few weeks, we bring you a limited time deal on some of our featured products of the season. All products featured below are 20% off. It's a good time to stock up!

Fluid Recovery:

[product_grid id="820"] Fluid Recovery tastes great! We use Fluid Recovery after any medium-high intensity workout lasting longer than 90 minutes. If you’re workout is shorter, but very intense (45-60 minutes), this product also works. For intense workouts less than 60 minutes in duration, watch those calories and consider this as a meal replacement. The truth about recovery for endurance sports is that you need the right mix of fast acting carbohydrate + protein. Fluid has great ratios, along with glutamine an amino acid that prevents muscle breakdown.


[product_grid id="37914"] Barnana is the Super Potassium snack. When you snack on Barnana you’re munching on pure wholesome nutrition that comes from the earth. These dehydrated bananas are 100% organic, 100% wheat-free, 100% vegan, totally raw and packed with nutrients. The fiber, potassium and other minerals can help prevent cramping during exercise, reduce the risk of heart disease, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, maintain blood sugar levels and aid in digestion.

Justin's Nut Butter:

[product_grid id="20653"] Justin's Nut Butter is created in small batches to ensure a fresh taste. Made from all natural, totally organic ingredients that are sustainably harvested, it’s everything you love in Justin’s Nut Butter and more of it. Pick your favorite flavor, grab a knife (or spoon) and go for it.

Ona Bars:

[product_grid id="67861"] Ona Bars are using some kind of delicious sorcery, and you won't find us complaining about it! These bars are incredibly tasty, totally organic, and paleo-friendly.  They maximize all the benefits of coconut by adding shredded coconut flakes, coconut oil and coconut milk. Coconut is praised for being a natural source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It supports strong bones and teeth as it helps your body absorb calcium and magnesium.