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Monday is here and we hope you survived 16.1 and submitted your score! If you're anything like us, you're probably still a little bit sore from such a long max-effort workout. We've put together a list of key areas that you should focus on for mobility and stretching over the next two days. We guarantee that spending some time focused on mobility and stretching in key areas will have you feeling better and ready to take on 16.2 this weekend. Glutes and Hips Lunges. Need we say more? You accumulated quite a few lunges in 20 minutes - so your glutes are most likely sore and tight. Make sure you spend some quality time stretching your glutes and hips. These are our favorites:
  • Wall Stretch: Lay on your back with your butt close to the wall and  place one foot on the wall creating a 90 degree angle with the leg. Cross the other leg over and push your knee towards the wall.  Make sure you flex your foot and keep your lower back on the ground. Try to hold each side for 1 minute and then repeat three times.
  • Pigeon Stretch: Bring one leg forward into a runner's lunge and then let your hip sink down to the floor. You can leave your hands on the ground or sink down to your forearms or even lay down for a better stretch.  Keep the leg behind you straight and relaxed. Hold each side for 1 minute and then repeat three times.
  • Runners Lunge: This stretch is great for the hips and the adductors. Hold Keep your hands on the inside of your foot. You can have the knee of the back leg down on the ground or off of the ground. Hold each side for 1 minute then repeat three times.
  • Glute smash on Foam Roller: Take a seat on your foam roller and cross one leg over, placing your ankle on the knee. Flex your foot that is crossed over and then lean into the side of the leg that is crossed over. Hang out there for about 3o seconds and then start rocking side to side. Repeat this 3 times per leg.
Quads Not only will your glutes be feeling the lunges, but your quads will be feeling it as well. Here are some great stretches and mobility drills to get your quads back to normal and ready to take on 16.2.
  • Couch Stretch: Start on all fours and walk one knee close to the wall and place the foot of that leg flat against the wall. Keep the other foot planted on the floor, creating a 90 degree angle with the planted leg. Then bring your chest upright as high as you can. If you can get your chest all the way up try using a PVC pipe to help support you. Hold each side for 1 minute and repeat three times.
  • If this is too much off a stretch for you, you can also do a standing quad stretch.
Shoulders  Overhead walking lunges, pull-ups and burpees- all will leave the shoulders feeling smoked, especially after a 20 min AMRAP.  Hanging from a bar is a great way to stretch out the shoulders and back, but below are a couple more stretches to help get those shoulders feeling better.
  • Standing Shoulder Rotations: Hold on to a bar where your feet can be flat on the floor. Rotate around all way while holding on to the bar and then switch directions. Compete these a couple of times through on each arm.
  • Bicep and Shoulder Stretch: Set up a band that is about shoulder height on the rig. Grab the band with one hand and then face away from the rig letting the band pull stretch your shoulder and bicep. Hold her four 1 minute on each side and repeat three times.
With all these mobility drills and stretches you should be feeling a bit better and be ready to take on 16.2!