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How To Eat For The American Birkebeiner

The American Birkenbeiner (or Birkie) is the largest ski race in North America and third largest in the world and also one of the longest at 50K Skate and 55K Classic. We interviewed Caitlin Gregg, a

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Oct 03, 2016

Cutting Through The Carb Confusion

"Cutting Through The Carb Confusion" was written by Pip Taylor. Pip is an accredited sports nutritionist and accredited dietitian, professional triathlete, author and mother of two. Pip recently had h

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jun 02, 2016


In 2004 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed caffeine from its list of banned substances due in part to the stimulant’s ubiquitous presence in a variety of foods, drinks, and other nutritional

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jan 26, 2016

Overeating during exercise: How much is too much?

One thing all athletes struggle with is finding that fine balance between eating enough to fuel their bodies through workouts of different intensities and durations, without under eating or overeating

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Dec 02, 2013

Reblog: The Lost Art of The Group Ride

Earlier this week I showed up 8 minutes late to a group ride that was supposed to be leaving from a coffee shop. The ride  was supposed to be drinking coffee before departing, so I figure 8 minutes la

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Oct 20, 2013

Gray's Peak: Fueling for an Alpine Trail Run

Here at The Feed we try and sneak out of the office every once in a while to enjoy our beautiful surroundings.  On Wednesday, I (Brooks) and another soigneur at The Feed, Tally, went on a trail run.  

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Oct 06, 2013

Keeping the weight off when summer ends.

There's no denying it, sad face. Summer's end is fast approaching. If you've been sticking to your fitness plan all summer, August is often the month where it gets harder to keep up the good work. But

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Aug 02, 2013

Tips for the 24-hour athlete

It's only Tuesday. Saturday feels like it's 2 weeks away. And your desk chair is already sick of you. Don't lose hope. Saturday will be here soon and we'd like to help you get ready to get outside and

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jul 30, 2013