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A protein how-to-guide for endurance athletes

  Our customers often ask: What is the lowest hanging fruit 🍌 in regards to enhancing athletic performance? 🥇It is universally agreed upon that carbohydrates 🍞 are an endurance athlete's best friend.

Matthew Johnson
Sep 18, 2018

Inflammation and Diet:

Acute inflammation is the body's natural and healthy response to injury, illness or stress. Inflammation is part of the healing process and necessary for athletes. Here are some tips for keeping infla

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Aug 03, 2016

Want to Increase Your Performance?

This article was written by Kevin Sprouse, DO, CAQSM. Dr. Sprouse is a team physician for the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team, has a degree in exercise science, and is board-certified in two medical speci

Adam Galuszka
Jun 09, 2016

Cutting Through The Carb Confusion

"Cutting Through The Carb Confusion" was written by Pip Taylor. Pip is an accredited sports nutritionist and accredited dietitian, professional triathlete, author and mother of two. Pip recently had h

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jun 02, 2016

The Benefit of Beets

Beets are a root vegetable chalked full nutrients that can improve overall health and aid athletic performance- but many people steer away from beets because of the cooking or juicing process. Lucky f

Brandon Dyksterhouse
May 04, 2016


In 2004 the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed caffeine from its list of banned substances due in part to the stimulant’s ubiquitous presence in a variety of foods, drinks, and other nutritional

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Jan 26, 2016

Running: The Heal and Toe-tal Truth

Heel striker? Forefoot runner? Ankle problems? Knee problems? What's the right way to run? The answer.. both. The New York Times in their article, Pounding Pavement by Heal or Toe, shared the research

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Oct 17, 2013

Training with Pain

Your body is your most important piece of equipment. You need to take care of it. Just like it's important to fill up your engine with the right fuel, you need to treat your body as you would a car:

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Oct 10, 2013

Training Tips: Running with Heart Rate

Nutrition is our game --  all you need to do is figure out how you enjoy to exercise, and what goals you’re working towards. One great way to do this is using a simple Heart Rate Monitor (HRM).  Heart

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Oct 01, 2013

How To: Fuel for Cyclocross

Cyclocross is quickly becoming the go-to sport for every type of cycling lover. These 30-60 minute intense races combine cycling, running up stairs and through sand, and hurdling over barriers while c

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Sep 16, 2013

Never Stop Kicking Ass

Outside Magazine answered the question, "How Can I Kick Ass As A Master's Athlete?" The quick answer: Maintain muscle mass. How do you do that? With weight training and protein (and a healthy diet). A

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Sep 13, 2013

Inigo's Blog:

The US Pro Cycling Challenge (USAPC) is back and Colorado is ready to witness the best cyclists in the world compete on some of the toughest and most gorgeous roads in the world. What makes this race

Brandon Dyksterhouse
Aug 19, 2013