Sending out an SOS about Hydration

Dr. Blanca Mayo of the Mayo Clinic developed SOS Hydration using the best science in medicine and sports science to help her patients, athletes, and anyone suffering from illness. SOS is an Oral Rehydration Drink that is packed with electrolytes, only 2g of sugar (the sugar is used to more rapidly rehydrate you). SOS is as effective as a drip IV at combating mild to moderate dehydration.

Whilst SOS is not a cure for viral illness’, maintaining proper hydration levels will help speed your recovery.

According to Dr. Blanca "One of the main side effects of viral infections is dehydration. The body combats viruses by increasing its temperature (fever); this means that you lose more water through evaporation and breathing. Viruses will also make you feel less hungry and some may even cause diarrhea and vomiting. One of the best natural ways to combat viral illness is through proper hydration. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids."

SOS Hydration helps you stay hydrated so you can combat any infection and have a speedier recovery.

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SOS Electrolyte Drink Mix

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Medical Grade Hydration created by Dr. Blanca Mayo of the Mayo Clinic.  As effective as an IV Drip for mild to moderate dehydration. Only 2g of sugar per serving and packed with electrolytes.

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SOS Electrolyte Drink Mix

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Get SOS Hydration in single servings that are super portable and easy to keep with you or save in your bag for a hydration emergency. Mix and match all the great flavors.  Only 2g of sugar and Keto Certified

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