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HOTSHOT Sports Shot[Placeholder]
HOTSHOT Sports Shot

$3.99 - $43.00

  103 reviews
Quantum Energy Squares[Placeholder]
Quantum Energy Squares

$2.99 - $27.99

  101 reviews
Untapped Waffle[Placeholder]
Untapped Waffle

$1.80 - $89.95

  80 reviews
Powerbar Energize Original Bar[Placeholder]
Powerbar Energize Original Bar

$1.99 - $49.75

  4 reviews

Just Arrived


Belgian Boys are amazing and fresh-backed treats directly from bakeries in Belgium and the Netherlands. They are baked fresh and shipped directly to us at The Feed.


Do you worry about cars? You just apply to your arms and leg for a highly reflective coating to keep you safe on the road, especially in low-light situations. It washes off easily with soap and water (or when you shower post-workout).


New from Hyperice is the CORE Biofeedback device to help you learn how to trigger a calm, flow-state on demand. Train at rest and be able to trigger the same feelings before hard workouts or competitions.


The best hydration pack we have ever found. Stretchy material combined with their patented "No Dancing 🐵 Monkey" fasteners makes sure these packs never bounce. Multiple pack sizes available.

Featured Products


Maurten Caffeinated Gel 100 is the most popular high performance Gel in the market. Packed with 25g of Carbs and 100mg of Caffeine is the perfect on the go fuel for going fast.

Skratch Labs[Placeholder]

Skratch Labs is loved for the simplicity of excellent workout hydration, even better flavor from real fruit, and no extras.

Swiss RX[Placeholder]

The first supplement brand build for the world's top athletes is now available for everyone. Swiss RX is famous for sparing-no-expense in finding the most effective ingredients.


Roll Recovery makes the world's best muscle rolling devices. You will take your recovery to the next level, and the best part - it is quick and easy to get deep tissue relief.


Ketones are the rage for sports performance, recovery, and weight loss. TΔS is the original Oxford formula of Ketone Ester that has been used in all the clinical trials. It is expensive, taste's terrible, but super powerful.


Hyperice makes the best ice, heat, compression, and vibration recovery tools for athletes, and only at The Feed will you get 10% back as Feed Credit.

Top Brands

Great stuff that's on sale

SIS Beta Fuel[Placeholder]
SIS Beta Fuel

$3.00 - $45.00

  7 reviews
SIS GO Hydro Tablets[Placeholder]
SIS GO Hydro Tablets


  219 reviews

$14.99 - $59.99

  84 reviews

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