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Nathan specializes in fuel-carrying gear for athletes, like their Quick Squeeze. This crowd favorite is an ergonomically snug bottle equipped with a phone and small zipper pocket for valuables, keys, etc. while housing a full 18oz or 22oz of fluid!


The Fruit Bars from XACT ENERGY are a more natural way for you to fuel your workouts with real food. They are made from clean ingredients, taste great, and are easy to eat while exercising, offering a reliable alternative to gels and chews.


Victus created a lineup of complementary sports supplements aimed at simplifying your fueling for training. The 01 Before, 02 During, and 03 After make fueling easy and follow what the latest science says we need, nothing more.


TriHard offers comprehensive cleaning solutions for the needs of athletes, especially triathletes. Their products treat your body from the adverse effects of things like sweat, pool chemicals, ocean water, and chafing before and after your training.


The Italian-founded brand Enervit has been a key player in the European sports space. They continue to improve athletes’ fueling and performance with high-energy, low-density products that push the envelope.

Torq Hydration[Placeholder]

Torq is here with a compact gel that packs a punch of carbs! The Rhubarb & Custard gel will remind you of the filling in a flaky pastry. But, if this isn’t your jam they offer several other great flavors both caffeinated and non-caffeinated.

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6d Sports Nutrition is an under-the-radar company from Belgium with big support behind it. Driven by science, their wide range of carb-rich products are helping athletes achieve higher fueling needs regardless of the sport.


UnTapped is known for ”nature's version of a gel”. Their organic gels are complimented by their waffles, though – both made from 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. It’s clean, organic fuel at its finest with all the good stuff.


Precision Fuel & Hydration has a dialed system, ranging from gels and chews to drink mixes and electrolyte caps. They know athletes sweat the small stuff, so a fueling lineup that affords personalization is key.

Ketone IQ[Placeholder]

Ketones are an ancient energy source scientifically proven to support mental clarity, endurance, recovery, and more. Ketone IQ has harnessed this in a simple and efficient shot form, so you can take this powerhouse anytime a big effort calls.


Vafels were born from the influence of the Liège Wafel — a brioche dough and pearl sugar-infused snack that cyclists in Belgium craved. Unlike any waffle you’ve ever had, Vafels are a modern take on a centuries-old tradition and are handmade in Boulder, Colorado. The Gluten Free version is just as tasty and is made from various rice flour!

GU Energy[Placeholder]

You may have always called your gels a "Gu"...and that's because GU Energy was one of the original pioneers of sports fuel. They offer a range of products that have stood the test of time and continue to provide athletes with great-tasting fuel.

Feed Formulas[Placeholder]

Feed Formulas is a completely customizable supplement solution. Take the guesswork out of your supplement regimen and get them all in one pouch.


When you don’t know whether to pack water or mix, why not do both? The Mxxy hydration system offers unique flexibility and personalization: the option to toggle between concentrated mix and just water in the same bladder.

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February 2024: Top 5 products for

Enervit Liquid Gel[Placeholder]
3 flavors in 2 sizes
Enervit Liquid GelEnervit Liquid GelEnervit Liquid GelEnervit Liquid Gel
Enervit Liquid Gel
NEVERSECOND C90 Drink Mix[Placeholder]
2 flavors in 2 sizes
  1 review
Honey Stinger Energy Chews[Placeholder]
8 flavors in 2 sizes
Honey Stinger Energy ChewsHoney Stinger Energy ChewsHoney Stinger Energy ChewsHoney Stinger Energy Chews
Honey Stinger Energy Chews
  148 reviews
Maurten Solid 225[Placeholder]
4 flavors in 2 sizes
Maurten Solid 225Maurten Solid 225Maurten Solid 225Maurten Solid 225
Maurten Solid 225
  12 reviews
OOFOS OOahh Sport (Slide)[Placeholder]
11 sizes
OOFOS OOahh Sport (Slide)OOFOS OOahh Sport (Slide)OOFOS OOahh Sport (Slide)OOFOS OOahh Sport (Slide)
OOFOS OOahh Sport (Slide)

Matt's Picks: What I'm Using Right Now

Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate[Placeholder]
6 flavors in 2 sizes
Gnarly Nutrition HydrateGnarly Nutrition HydrateGnarly Nutrition HydrateGnarly Nutrition Hydrate
Gnarly Nutrition Hydrate
  2 reviews
Betty Lou's Golden Smackers[Placeholder]
3 flavors
Betty Lou's Golden SmackersBetty Lou's Golden SmackersBetty Lou's Golden Smackers
Betty Lou's Golden Smackers
  125 reviews
SwissRX Nitric Oxide[Placeholder]
2 sizes
SwissRX Nitric OxideSwissRX Nitric Oxide
SwissRX Nitric Oxide
  31 reviews
PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Professional Recovery[Placeholder]
6 flavors in 4 sizes
PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Professional RecoveryPILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Professional RecoveryPILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Professional RecoveryPILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Professional Recovery
PILLAR Performance Triple Magnesium Professional Recovery
  18 reviews
Kyoku Superfood Shake + Blender Bundle[Placeholder]
25% OFF
2 sizes
Kyoku Superfood Shake + Blender BundleKyoku Superfood Shake + Blender Bundle
Kyoku Superfood Shake + Blender Bundle
$90.00 $120.00

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The Feed's High Performance Team is a group of world-class athletes committed to excellence on and off the field. They use The Feed's products to fuel their bodies and achieve peak performance in endurance sports, cycling, triathlons, ultra-running, and more. These athletes provide valuable feedback to help The Feed continually improve and innovate its offerings. We're thrilled to work with this accomplished group of athletes and are committed to supporting them in their quest for greatness. With their help, we're continually pushing the boundaries of what's possible in sports nutrition.

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TheFeed HPT athlete

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