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A better way to buy sports nutrition

A better way to
buy sports nutrition

The Feed sells everything as “single servings” giving you a variety of products and flavors. Let’s compare to Amazon where you have to buy everything in a box.

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We are truly independant, We don’t make our own products. We only choose the products we love.

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We Feed Athletes

We built The Feed for athletes like us. We were tired of how expensive sports nutrition was, eating the same flavor over and over again, and having the same bars go stale and get wasted.

We make sports nutrition easy. We pick the best products for you and show you how and when to use them to give you a competitive edge.


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Sleep, Athletic Performance, and Recovery

By Cannondale Drapac Team Doctor, Kevin Sprouse.   This week Only:  Get 10% off our top performing Sleep products NATURAL VITALITY CALM, GOOD DAY CHOCOLATE SLEEP, and our newest product ORGANIC INDIA

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Antibiotics and Athletes

This article was written by Dr. Kevin Sprouse. Dr. Sprouse is a team physician for the Cannondale Drapac Pro Cycling Team.  He has a degree in exercise science and has board certifications in both Spo

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